In Asia  - India, Sri Lanka and Bangladesh is our SMILING CROCODILE project focused on children with hearing impairment and complex needs that are living in poverty. We enable these children to have access to necessary rehabilitation, services, equipment and education so they would develop their best potential.

Due to this project, the children are able to afford travel to rehabilitation centers and clinics to participate regularly in therapy sessions and receive assessment necessary for their listening skills and communication development with their hearing devices (especially cochlear implants and hearing aids). This allows them to attend schooling and be integrated into mainstream society.

Project is also focused on funding of rehabilitation equipment for rehabilitation centers and Cochlear Implant clinics and the operations of audiological vans, which allow children to be audiologically tested and attend rehabilitation in areas with inadequate access to healthcare.

We have helped already to hundreds of children and different local centers. Our organisation's aim is to further expand its activities in the region.

We care about the situation of hearing impaired children living in poverty internationally and believe they all have the right to hear inspite of their economical situation or life circumstances.

Campaign #BecauseIhearIlive is focused on this topic. See our campaign social media FB and Instagram @becauseihearilive