Smiling Crocodile doesn’t only support individual children, families and centres in different regions, but has ongoing campaign #BecauseIhearIlive .

#BecauseIhearIlive is an international awareness campaign which is based on real stories and outcomes of more than 600 hearing impaired children living in poverty from Asia and Africa Smiling Crocodile  has supported.

The general message of the campaign #BecauseIhearIlive is to:

  • Create awareness about the conditions of hearing impaired children living in poverty
  • Highlight that everybody has the right to hear in spite the economic situation or life circumstances
  • Everybody is an equal part of the society and deserves good quality of life

Part of the campaign is an international anthem for hearing impaired children which was composed by the singer and ambassador of Smiling Crocodile Milan Peroutka and the musician Jan Peroutka. Lyrics came from Dagmar Herrmannova - director of Smiling Crocodile.
The song is recorded in 10 languages and the videoclips are coming from 12 different countries. The message of the campaign is being in different international media and we will continue to share our mission. The video materials were recorded by the cameraman and documentarist Ales Vasicek.
All individual videoclips are available at Smiling Crocodile Youtube channel

Please see more details about our campaign in our social media FB and Instagram @becauseihearilive


Short documentary movies from the countries where Smiling Crocodile supports deaf and complex needs children