About us

About us

SMILING CROCODILE   - Mateřská škola a základní škola pro děti s kombinovaným postižením SMILING CROCODILE, o.p.s. IČO 24215627 - was established on the basis of a well-established education programme for parents and their special needs children. The programme concept was adapted from similar programmes in the UK and USA, where some of our staff have worked and have got experience in the past.

With our facilities for a kindergarten and elementary school we offer our children with complex needs the opportunity for a full-time special education programme. Qualified staff members are incorporating a number of therapy options, as well as extracurricular activities to lead this programme. We provide an extensive integration / inclusion programme and believe strongly that our students can do everything that their able bodied peers can do. To give them that opportunity we include for example multicultural days in the curriculum, run marathons, perform musicals, concerts and other activities.

We are officially registered as a Kindergarten and Elementary School for complex needs children by MSMT - Ministry of Education and Magistrat hl. města Prahy - Municipal office of Prague. We are supported by numerous international supervisors and collaborate with various international organizations.

Students attending SMILING CROCODILE have severe complex needs including single or multiple sensory impairment in a combination with learning difficulties, communication disorders, severe health conditions, have rare syndromes or progressive diagnostics.

Our education is about promoting independence and the skills that can lead to greater independence, helping our students understand their daily life activities and building the awareness and confidence needed so that our young people can make better-informed and more effective choices. We lead the children to the highest possible autonomy and self-care while practicing daily activities.

We work hard to develop communications skills across a range of environments to create opportunities to develop relationships and foster confidence in each student's own abilities. During the lessons we use the spoken language as well as various Alternative and Augmentative Communication methods based and tailored on the individual needs of our students (PECS, signs, pictograms, photographs, objects).

Education is provided in small groups of children with individual care and individual education plans for each of our students specific to their needs and abilities. We strongly collaborate with the families of our students and include them in school activities.

We can also provide the education of English-speaking complex needs children.

International Projects

SMILING CROCODILE is also active internationally. We have long term projects mainly in developing countries in Asia and Africa, but also in the regions of Russia, Kazakhstan or Jordan. We support there hearing impaired children and children with complex needs which live in poverty, their families and local centres. Our aim is to support the rehabilitation, education and integration to mainstream society.


Smiling Crocodile doesn’t only support individual children, families and centres but has ongoing campaign #BecauseIhearIlive .

#BecauseIhearIlive is an international awareness campaign which is based on real stories and outcomes  of more than 600 hearing impaired children living in poverty from Asia and Africa Smiling Crocodile supported.

  • The general message of the campaign #BecauseIhearIlive is to:

  • - Create awareness about the conditions of hearing impaired children living in poverty

  • - Highlight that everybody has the right to hear in spite the economic situation or life circumstances

  • - Everybody is an equal part of the society and deserves good quality of life

  • Please see more in our cocial media FB and Instagram @becauseihearilive



We believe that every child has the right to education, irrespective of its mental or physical health.

SMILING CROCODILE helps children with disabilities to overcome adversity and acquire the necessary tools and basic skills to become educated and helps improve the child’s, parents’ and caregivers quality of life.

Our aim is to ensure that our students will live as happy and fulfilling a life as their more able-bodied peers.